They Can't See Me (feat. Michael Vincze)

by Jensen Reed

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They Can’t See Me
(Jensen Reed & Michael Vincze)

Verse (JR)

I believe in the rhythm of the seas
Wandering stars protect my nights
Been on the road for as long as I
Can remember what it’s like
To have my brain in a constant freeze
An imposter in my place
A world where no one’s missing
Fight everything you face
Well, leave it all behind let’s get movin’
Gonna take a long time that’s been proven
An advance of your future stop spinnin’ your wheels
Left over from the battle but the scars will heal
I’m pushin’ away, pushin’ away…pushin’ away, pushin’ away
Off to the palace, my hand so calloused
Emperor on the throne take a sip from the chalice


March of the dragons beatin’ on their drum
Way past empty my body’s numb
Fresh outta luck been down before
Never gonna stop me, star a war
Rise up. Put your game face on
Back against the wall, I fight strong
They can’t see me so I don’t care
Bob and weave through the bullets in the air

Verse (MV)

I won’t stop for anyone no
I’m all talk, I’ll run you down
Hands in the air let my finger tell you
How I feel when I’m around you
I don’t care if I die tomorrow
I do the same things that I did today
You can’t see me cause you can’t see
You can’t see me cause I won’t be seen
Nooooo. Nooooo. Slow your roll.
No control…

Bridge (JR)

I’m breakin’ all the rules
You can’t tell me what to do
Walk my path, never look back
This is the life I choose (x2)



released March 24, 2015
Written by Jensen Reed & Michael Vincze
Produced by SONZ
©Ⓟ 2015 Jensen Reed, LLC.



all rights reserved